Wood Stove Corner

Product Review - Efel S33 Wood Stove

Efel USA considers casting iron to be an artform. They combine a knowlege of efficient combustion technology with clean, classic designs to produce some of the most internationally recognized wood stoves on the market today. This company stands on the pillars of quality and efficiency - and with over 150 years in the business, they're someone you can trust.

The Efel S33 Wood Stove features a new kind of combustion technology that will change the way you heat your home, saving you energy and money on the monthly bills. It heats a generous 1,200 to 1,600 sq ft area, making it ideal for the moderately sized ranch. And with its long burn times, high efficiency rating, and maximum burn rate of 59,000 BTUs per hour, this wood burning stove will out-perform even your highest expectations. 

So, why else should you buy the Efel S33 Wood Stove? We'll break it down for you. 

1. The Efel S33 is the only cast iron wood stove that can be operated with an optional remote control. With the programmable digital thermostat and convenience of the control, you'll be able to manage the intensity and height of the flames - right from your living room recliner! Once you set your desired temperature, this wood stove does all the work, so you don't have to.  

2. Because of its internationally patented Woodbox Combustion Technology, this wood stove produces long and even burn times of up to 10 hours. Unlike any other wood burning stove out there, the Efel S33 preheats the air in its cavity in order to distribute it slowly and evenly over the fire. The hot air in the chamber is siphoned through the wood stove's air baffles at different rates to create the flame display that you're looking for. By doing this, it's able to deliver high energy efficiencies and only emits a very low amount of carbon, making it the environmentally responsible choice for wood stoves.

3. The Woodbox Combustion Technology will also keep the large glass window free from soot and smudges, giving you an exceptionally clear picture of the fire. Even when burning wood on the lowest setting, the glass will remain clear! That means that you'll never have to open up the front loading door again to see if more wood is needed. 

4. The firebox of the Efel S33 is built from two layers of 10 gauge steel, adding to its exceptional durability and enduring construction. This steel is very thick, so it won't dent or scratch easily. Its airtight double wall construction and double-glazed window will both add extra insulation to the firebox, keeping your fire burning effectively throughout the day.

5. Its high efficiency rating - up to 80% - allows you to use less wood and save more money! This EPA certified wood stove produces almost no smoke, nominal ash, and needs less firewood in order to operate well. It also meets or exceeds international emissions standards, allowing you to do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

What factors are most important to you when shopping for a wood stove?