Wood Stove Corner

Wood Stove Accessories

Wood stoves have been around for hundreds of years and at one time were the primary heating source in the home.  Since their conception many wood stove accessories have been developed to increase the efficiency of the wood stove and to improve their usability.

Hearth Extension – Protect your floors from the heat of the wood stove by utilizing a hearth extension in front of the stove.  Created out of non-combustible materials and trimmed in aluminum, the hearth extension is the perfect way to ensure your floors and surrounding area are kept clean and safe.

Kettles – Problems with the dry air created by a wood stove are easy to solve by filling a cast iron kettle with water and placing it on top of your stove.  The heat generated will cause the water in the kettle to boil making a warm steam that will add that much needed humidity back into the room and make it much more comfortable.

Thermometers – Ensure that your wood stove is running at its optimum temperature by adding a wood stove thermometer.  Simply attach most thermometers with a magnet or a screw and easily monitor and regulate the heat of your stove.

Stove Fan – If you’re looking for a way to increase the efficiency of your wood stove without increasing your monthly costs then a stove fan might be just what you need.  Simply place it on top of your wood stove and the fan will generate its own electricity from the heat of the stove.  This will increase the efficiency of the stove by improving the circulation of warm air in the room.  Since it uses no electricity it doesn’t cost anything extra and can even save you on burning wood.

Cast Iron Grate – Extend the life of your wood stove by keeping heat off of the cast iron base.  Grates are also useful for increasing air flow underneath the wood to make it more efficient.

Catalytic Combustor – Keep your wood stove operating at maximum efficiency by adding a catalytic combustor.  Catalytic combustors help ensure cleaner emissions in the air.

Other Accessories – Whether you want to spruce up your wood stove pipe with a decorative stove pipe sham, are in need of a simpler way to clean up with an ash scoop, or you just need a way to make things a bit easier with an insert puller, auto draft inducer, gasket and adhesive replacement kits, or just about anything else – there is a wood stove accessory to meet all of your wood stove needs.